Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Earring Creating Blitz

For some reason the earring creating bug hit me all of a sudden.  I whipped all of these out one day last week.  The first and second pair are light pink.  The pictures aren't the best.
 This is a pair I have created before for my sister but I had the supplies for another so I made another pair.
 The aqua and yellow combo is so trendy right now so I followed the trend with the pair below.
 Another trendy pair.  Love the chunky aqua beads.  They almost look like candy.
 This is a pair that is very understated but still has the aqua incorporated.
 Glass cubes are just classic.
 Aqua flowers on simple silver hoops.
 The view from the bottom looking up.
This pair might be a work in progress.  I showed them to my sister and she liked them the way they were.  I was thinking of adding some sort of colorful bead to the bottom.
Still absolutely loving jewelry creation.  I still find it ironic that I don't have my own ears pierced.  I can't even wear my own creations.  Oh well.  I'll just let others enjoy wearing them.  I'm going to be creating bracelets next.  Now those I can wear.  :)