Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stockton, Utah turns 150 years old

 We love any excuse to get out to Stockton, Utah.  Today they were celebrating the town's 150th anniversary.  They were celebrating with a grand fireworks show.  Before it got dark I took a few pics of the surrounding area.  This wind turbine is out at the Tooele Army Depot but Stockton is talking about creating a wind farm in the Stockton area as well.  Alternative clean energy at its best.
 This is Tab Mountain. It is the flat topped foothill shaped like the Tabernacle where they set off the fireworks.  The whole town had a great view of the fireworks.
 Here they are in all their glory.

 I finally held the camera steady...:)
 It was a beautiful day but it got a little chilly once the sun had gone down so I threw on my yellow cardigan from Sexy Modest Boutique
 The black bermuda shorts are from the same store.  I absolutely LOVE all of their clothes.  They have two brick and mortar shops in Utah County but I don't get out that way very often so it's a good thing they offer free shipping through their website.
 I added this bracelet to the ensemble.  I have had this bracelet since high school and it has come back into style.  If you keep things long enough they will come back in again.
Ready for my fun date night with Clark.  Of course, we had to stop by Cafe Rio for a quick bite to eat.  So yummy!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Outfit #3

 My next Spring outfit incorporates one of my favorite patterns...polka dots.  I absolutely love them and they will never go out of style.  I found this top at Body Central.  It is very sheer so I'm wearing a basic black t-shirt underneath.

 I love the bow in front.  I wore my belt from Target for a pop of color.
 And of course I'm wearing my favorite JCP jeans from this post.
I got a couple more pair of dark jeans I will be sharing next time.  I finally jumped onto that bandwagon.  I'm just stubborn when it comes to new trends.  I have to ease into them.  I prefer classic timeless clothing that I can continue to wear for years and years.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Outfits but no natural light

I wanted to do another post about my Spring Outfits today but there is no natural light outside.  It is a very grey and overcast Spring day.  Hopefully next week we will have some more sunshine.  Until then, I'll just leave you with a view of my closet.  It is like a pallet of color waiting to be coordinated, mixed, and matched.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break Hike

 My husband and I don't get time off work for Spring Break so we just took a free afternoon and went for a hike.
 The weather was gorgeous and it almost felt like we had escaped to Big Sky country (Montana).  But nope this is right in our own backyard.
 The hubs ready to go hiking up the mountain.
 I'm ready to go too.
 It was technically a very high foothill that we climbed but this is the view from the top.  We saw a guy paragliding like the one shown in this YouTube video.  What a view while floating effortlessly over the gorgeous west desert.
 Looking down on the quaint little town of Stockton, Utah.  It is just south of the city of Tooele.  Stockton has a little restaurant on Main Street called the "Stockton Miners Cafe" that has some really good food.  I got the Oven roasted Turkey Club sandwich.  The light avocado aioli sauce on it is sooo good.
 Look at all of those ATV trails to go exploring on.
 This is the old jail that is built into the foothill we climbed.

 This is a fun and modern park Stockton has with killer views.  Being this far out in the country means total peace and quiet. You can actually hear all of the birds chirping.  No noisy traffic to contend with.

 I'm standing on all of the fun play equipment for kids.  They would have a ball here.  They also have swings.
 Sorry this picture is a little crooked.  But they even have a skate park and a little covered table to eat at.  Bring a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon.
They also have a full basketball court and softball field.  Clark is ready to call it a day but it was a fun day spent in the great outdoors.