Monday, April 4, 2011

An upcycled garden box

Spring in Utah is so fickle. One day we have 70 degree temps and the next we have 8-10 inches of snow. Because I was stuck inside this weekend, I decided to create a garden box that wouldn't need watering or sunlight.
My sister donated an old peach box she was getting rid of to the project. She is always giving me the best containers to up-cycle.
I bought a package of Basil dried naturals from Hobby Lobby (It looks like wheat to me).
Then I used some floral foam as the base and covered it with sheet moss (also found at Hobby Lobby).
Next, I just started sticking the "wheat" down into the floral foam, trying to evenly disperse it.

And there you have a no maintenance garden box to live in the house. I've had to resort to bringing the outside in to make up for all the snow outside.


  1. Nice use of the peach box! Very cute. Did you keep this arrangement in the green room?

  2. Yep, it is living in the green room right now. But it might come to live at your house soon.