Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Master Bedroom Redecorating

My husband and I just upgraded our queen size bed to a king.  It is so nice and roomy and of course with a new size bed comes the need for new bedding.  This kind of project is right up my alley.
I spent months agonizing over how I wanted my new bed to look.  I shopped all of the stores in Salt Lake, perused many a blog and finally decided I had to go with PINK!  It is my favorite color but the one catch was getting Clark's permission.  I don't know too many men who get excited about sleeping in pink bedding.  But he is very easy going when it comes to how I want to decorate the house so he told me to go for it.  I love that he goes along with all of my pink ideas.
I already had the throw pillows (the pink rose pillow came from T.J. Maxx and the maroon one came from a home decor store that no longer exists).  The sheets and bed skirt I found at Target.  And my favorite part of the ensemble, the bedspread, came from this website I found on "The House of Smith's" Blog.  Shelley always finds the most amazing quilts and she was giving out sources so I had to jump on buying one.
The quilt can reverse to a solid pink.  I love to have options.
I love that the sheets coordinate with my accent wall perfectly.  Well, this is the big project I have been working on lately.  Hope you got some good ideas if you are looking to update your bedroom soon.


  1. Love the polka dots and the sheets are perfect too!! Lovely and restful!

    1. Thanks Paula! I had a lot of fun with this project.