Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Versatile Lamp for the Holidays

 I promised you a few pics of the gift my sister gave me for my birthday so here they are.  She found the lamp at Target.  She knows I love to fill glass vessels so this was perfect for my craft room.  I got the lamp shade at Target as well.  I also bought the finial (silver ball on top) from Target to hold the lamp shade to the base.  I did a little research on the Target harp (the gold metal piece that goes up and around the light bulb) and decided to get a 10 inch harp from Home Depot instead.  The Target adjustable harp did not have good reviews on their website.  The Home Depot one works great.  Target also has lamp shades that don't need a harp so you might not need one if you pick one of those kind of lamp shades.

I got a little overwhelmed choosing what I wanted to put inside for October and Halloween coming up.  I ended up choosing these Halloween ornament bulbs from Michael's.  They were relatively inexpensive so I could buy a lot of them and fill up the lamp.  I just saw a tip on Pinterest where you can put a paper towel roll inside so your ornaments will go further since there is less space to fill.  I have 180 ornaments in this vase.  If I were to use this trick, the ornaments would go up higher in the vase but for now I like it the way it is.

I also thought about putting real Fall leaves inside, silk garlands with Fall leaves that you can get from Hobby Lobby or Pier 1, or a festive scene with a scare crow, leaves, pumpkins etc...  The possibilities are endless.  Now I have something to decorate for every season.  I love it.

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