Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Halloween Projects

Well I finally got all of my Fall wreaths completed. I will be posting pics soon of my sister's dried roses wreath hanging on her door. My mom now wants me to decorate a door for a Halloween carnival they are having at their church. I spent the day at Hobby Lobby and Michael's (my two favorite stores of all time) picking out black butcher paper, ghost and jack-o-lantern foam cut outs and of course cotton spider web with the requisite spiders to live in it.
To spur the creative process I spent most of the day lounging on the deck soaking in the beautiful weather. I watched jets fly over and loved watching the smoke trail they leave behind. I saved a chipmunk that lives in a tree in the backyard from a neighborhood cat who wanted it for dinner. The poor chipmunk was just trying to bulk up for winter by eating all of the food in the bird feeder hanging in the neighbor's tree. I wandered through the garden looking at the last fruits of the season ready to be picked this week before it freezes.
I will also post pics of the Halloween door once I get it done. Time for the Halloween party season to begin.

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