Friday, August 30, 2013

Fun at the Davis County Fair

 Our get away for the summer was all the way up to Davis County for the fair they have every year.  I guess technically it was a stay-cation since we didn't stay the night anywhere.  This was my niece's first time to the fair and she had a ball.  We saw jumping dogs competing to see how far they could jump into a swimming pool.
 My niece and her mom and dad got to ride on a real life elephant.  This was the highlight of the evening.  I have never seen this done at other fairs I've been to.  It was $8 per person.

 Of course, they also had pony rides and a petting zoo that my niece liked too.  And the requisite animal and art exhibits.
 If you are into demolition derbies or even if you're not, the sound of cars crashing into each other provided some extra excitement.  There were also tons of rides, food vendors, and games for the little kids and the big kids.
 Afterward we walked across the street to Station Park.  It is a relatively new outdoor shopping mall in Farmington, Utah.  It is a beautiful place to just hang out, shop, eat, etc.  They also have a fun playground for kids that my niece loved playing on.
 They have lights up year round.
And they have a beautiful lighted fountain that has dancing water.  It was fun to hang out on the comfy couches they have for viewing this little attraction.  I felt like I was back in San Diego.  I just discovered on their website that they also have an outdoor winter skating rink so the fun doesn't have to stop in the Winter.  I love discovering new gems in my neighborhood.  I highly recommend this one!

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