Monday, March 7, 2011

The chaos I call the creative process

I had a day of floral arranging yesterday and I thought I would begin with the finished products first. I call this one "Pink Bubblegum". I love the vase and the glass bumps. I also had to throw a few vine balls on a stick in there too.

This one feels like spring to me. Can you tell I'm wishing it would hurry up and get here? I got stuck in 9 inches of snow while visiting my parents today. :p Thank goodness I remembered how to use the 4 wheel drive but not before I was blocking traffic on a major thoroughfare. Luckily the other cars were watching out for crazy ladies like me. :)

This is just some fun grass thrown in a vase similar to the "Bubble Gum" vase. It reminds me of plastic bubble wrap. I have to control my urge to try and pop those bubbles.

Here is my craft room/spare bedroom. This is where I do my flower arranging.

Wow, how can a cleaning lady leave such a mess?

As you can see I take advantage of every flat surface. Even the bed.
I had fun and that's all that counts. I love flower arranging and the process of picking the vase, vase filler, and flowers. Hopefully, I can do this again real soon. Happy creating.


  1. I love how your 'mess' is all organized! Cute stuff :)

  2. Thanks Libert. I guess you could call my mess organized chaos.