Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A fun shopping trip

Shhh! Don't tell anyone but I took another day off from blogging. Today I decided since I needed new black socks for myself and my husband I would do a little window shopping. I got the "necessities" (socks) at Target and then it was on to the fun stuff.

Since I was already in Target I had to go check out their new home decor section. This is the Target in Cottonwood Heights on Park Centre Drive. They remodeled their store a while ago and I have never gotten to fully explore. And explore I did. They had the softest blanket that I wanted so bad for my bed. It was soooo soft and my favorite color (sage green) but the price tag was not going to be so wallet friendly...$50. So I moved on and saw some cute pre-made spring wreaths and glass home decor ideas. They had these little silver metal candle holders that reminded me of a tin can with little holes poked through all over. Put a little candle down inside and watch the light twinkle polka dots on your walls. These were more reasonably priced. But I refrained again.

Next stop was World Market. This is in the same shopping center as Target. They had some interesting picture frames, carafes for $5.00 for flower arrangements, interesting materials for vase fillers, and some beautiful plates and dishes. Again, I reminded myself this was just a window shopping trip and had fun just looking for new ideas.

And the last stop was the T.J. Maxx right around the corner. Going into this store is dangerous for me. The deals are so good and the quality so high I almost always HAVE to buy something. I found the cutest sage green shower curtain with navy blue polka dots in the clearance section for $10. This was originally priced at $25. I found some matching Ralph Lauren sage green towels that matched the shower curtain perfectly and a Ralph Lauren rug that was luxurious. Everything together would have come to $50. What a steal for my favorite color and brands! But my fun was in the find and I ended up leaving empty handed from there too. This is my version of catch and release fishing. I love the thrill of the hunt but I don't want to kill my budget.

I really need to start bringing my camera along and documenting all of my "real life" shopping finds. I do a daily Etsy find on my Facebook page which is my outlet for online shopping. I'm thinking I will start featuring my Etsy finds on this blog too.

Stay tuned for my finds and the ideas that go along with each treasure. Happy Hunting.

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