Monday, March 14, 2011

I love apothecary jars

This is an apothecary jar I found at the Quilted Bear. I did two variations with what I put inside.
In this one I used crushed sea shells that you can find in most craft stores. The bigger sea shells came from the actual beach in San Diego but craft stores also sell the larger shells and starfish.

With this one I used mung beans. These also come in a bag at your local craft store. And of course the same sea shells.

I then created the bow from instructions in one of my floral arranging books. It was very simple.

This is my favorite way to browse apothecary jars, glass canisters, and other stunning vases from Pottery Barn. They were the inspiration for my own little creation above.


  1. I really like the contrast of colors in this one w/ the mung beans.


  2. Thanks for visiting Saren. I like playing with different variations.