Monday, February 28, 2011

Learn to Pounce on Etsy

O.k. so Friday I was a little confused as to what day it was and I said we would pick up where we left off tomorrow. I'm trying to blog on weekdays only so that post has become Monday's (today).

Anyhow, let's get down to another cool way to find random things you never knew existed on Etsy. This search option is called "Pounce". No, it's not Etsy's way of teaching you how to become cat-like and find all of the little critters cats like to catch (mice, birds, and my ultimate horror, BATS!) One of my cats brought home a live bat one day and dropped it right at my feet on the kitchen floor. I don't think I need to explain how I reacted. Suffice it to say I have only been hysterical once in my life and that was the day.

No. No bats will be flying in your belfry if you use "Pounce". Check out this link to see "Pounce":

"Pounce" is a way to view items that have just sold on Etsy and to get an idea of what other shoppers are buying at that particular moment. You can "Pounce" undiscovered shops that haven't had many sales or you can "Pounce" on shops that just had a sale. Either way, the things it comes up with are unique and interesting.

Happy hunting my fellow "Pouncers".

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