Sunday, February 6, 2011

A clingy phenomenon I've never experienced before

A curious thing started happening to me when I finished the wreath pictured above. I had made it with the intention of selling it in my Etsy shop "ElegantlyUnderstated". I had lovingly picked out the twig wreath as the base for this creation, then decided on what kind of flowers to use and created the bow. But then I got to thinking. Hmmmm, I'm going to have to ship you away when someone wants to buy you little wreath. I have put a lot of time into you. How can you leave me like this?

I am not a parent but I think this might be what some parents feel when they send their children off to Kindergarten, college, or when their child gets married and moves away. So I'm warning you now to get ready to let your babies go. They will go to a nice home somewhere. That somewhere could be anywhere in the world though. There are Etsy buyers and sellers from across the globe.

I have to admit I decided I couldn't part with this baby and it now hangs in my living room year round. But I'm willing to create brothers and sisters to give to good homes. Even if those homes are in places like Italy or Israel. I just hope they remember to think of me once in a while and write home occasionally. :)

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