Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Yo-Yo Flower Pin Tutorial from FancyFlair

These adorable appliqued His and Hers aprons were made by Etsy shop owner "fancyflair". I know Evelyn, the shop owner, personally and she has quite the eye for style and she wears it with flair. She specializes in one talent that I wish I had and that is the art of sewing. My mom tried to teach me but I just didn't have the patience for it.

Evelyn has graciously offered to take us through a little sewing tutorial. It is a simple sewing project that I think even I might be able to handle. But the end result looks more complicated than it really is. Take it away Miss Evelyn (I mean Mrs. Evelyn) :)

Quite a few years ago I started selling vintage clothes on Ebay. I disliked how impersonal and well, just annoying, everything got there and stopped. Then I got a nice new sewing machine and began a new hobby, sewing lots of different things. I started to hear about Etsy and decided this would be a great place to sell both handmade things and vintage finds - serendipity! I love making all kinds of things from aprons to pin cushions, but mostly I make kid and baby things - they're just so darn cute! I've been happily selling fancy things with flair here and there at Etsy ever since.

Here is the tutorial on how to make a Yo-Yo Flower Pin:

Step 1 - Cut out a circle of fabric twice the size you want your yo-yo (little scrunchy circle) to be. I usually use the lid to my buttons because it's handy.

Step 2 - Hand stitch or use a wide machine stitch all around the edge of the circle. Pull the threads together like you're cinching up purse strings, being careful not to pull the threads out. Tie these threads together and flatten out your yo-yo.

Step 3 - Now the fun part - here's where you can be as creative as you like. Pull out buttons, felt, fabric bits, even beads and try things on your yo-yo. When you've found the right look, sew everything on one at a time. If you've had enough sewing, just hot glue it all together.

Step 4 - Add the pin back by sewing or gluing it on - then hot glue a bit of felt on top of the pin back to secure it in place.

Step 5 - Voila! Add your yo-yo pin to a sweater, headband, dress, apron - the possibilities are endless!

Here is a link to fancyflair's shop on Etsy. Check it out.


  1. I seriously need to learn how to sew. :)

  2. Cute button! I love the aprons too.
    Sewing from a pattern isn't so bad, however, I have yet to be able to make something from a design of my own. Good luck with however Etsy shop.

  3. Wow. Looks like even I could make this! Sweet.

  4. Thanks for visiting Mellissa and Heather. I might just have to have Evelyn back again. :)