Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting lost in a sea of search options

Well, I decided to take another day off from blogging. I had to work and so I had to get to bed early. I clean houses by day and blog/craft by night. (I try and fit sleeping in there somewhere).

I thought today we would talk a little bit about searching the vast marketplace we call Etsy. This link: gives you all the different ways to find what you are looking for and ways to discover things you had no idea ever existed.

Of course, I talked about shopping through "Treasury" in a previous post so let's move on to another.

I really like searching through "Categories". It is a very logical way to search for items. For example, the type of crafts I make fits in the "Housewares" category. From there you will find sub categories and sub sub categories. Click on the "Home Decor" sub category and then you will see the option of "Floral Arrangement". From here you can sort the results by price or what has been posted most recently.

There is a lot more to cover when it comes to search options, so come back tomorrow and we'll slowly make our way through each way to search and shop on Etsy.

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