Thursday, February 10, 2011

How much will Etsy charge when my product sells?

When I first started looking for venues to sell my crafts in, fees were a big consideration. I looked into selling at the Quilted Bear but their fees were quite high ($75 for their smallest booth plus an 11% commission on everything sold). They also require a jury process (a committee decides if your work is good enough to be sold in their store).

Then I looked into Etsy's fee structure and it won me over right away. Etsy only charges 20 cents for each item that you list. Then when the item sells they only charge you a 3.5% commission. Etsy is more than just a marketplace though. It really is a community of artists who want to come together to tell the story of the products they lovingly create. I love that aspect of Etsy.

The picture above is another one of my creations that has a story to tell. My mom had had this watering can sitting in her window for years with some potpourri in it. I thought to myself, hmmm that little watering can could use some sprucing up, so I decided to create an upcycled Mother's Day gift out of it for her. It was a labor of love since I knew it was for my mom and she was excited to see her old watering can transformed into something new with her favorite colors. Every handmade item on Etsy has a similar story to tell. So sharpen your writing skills and get ready to tell all those stories as you create your handmade items.

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