Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deciding What Kind of Product to Sell

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to start selling things on Etsy. I have always loved crafts and being creative so I decided on floral arranging. I went to the requisite stores like the Quilted Bear, Hobby Lobby, Rod Works, and Michael's to pick up supplies. I bought a few how to books and started in. This is one of my favorite creations and it was so simple to make.

But here is my first lesson about choosing what to sell on Etsy. I looked into shipping fragile pieces like this and the shipping was going to be something like $15. That is a lot of money to add on top of the price of your item. I haven't totally abandoned the idea of selling flower arrangements on Etsy but it would be so much easier to think of ideas that are easily shipped. For example, anything made out of paper, jewelry, clothing, hair bows, etc. Stay away from fragile or bulky creations.

I have gone back to the drawing board and have some new ideas that I will be trying out and talking about here in future posts. Stay tuned....

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