Friday, February 4, 2011

My First "Real" Blog Post

Hello, Testing 1,2,3.... Is this blog on? Just kidding I know this is for real now. I have been a "wanna be" blogger for two years now. That's when I created my personal Facebook page and started practicing posting daily. It is hard to come up with some sort of entertainment for the "masses" (currently 105 Facebook friends) on a daily basis.

I still don't know what this blog will really be about. I'm thinking it will be a place to feature my crafts, my now famous daily Etsy finds, and anything else that catches my eye. I will probably mention my family occasionally too but it will most likely be interspersed among all the decorating and design ideas.

I would love suggestions from the "masses" of readers out there on what kinds of things you would be interested in learning / hearing about. I'm thinking I might talk a little about starting an Etsy shop and discussing all of the little details I've picked up over the last year in creating a shop that will attract those ever coveted and elusive buyers. A lot of crafty women and some crafty men (I have tremendous respect for guy Etsy sellers) would like to be able to stay at home and work and I believe this could be a legitimate way for them to do that. Get ready for a bumpy ride as I get going here. :)

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