Monday, January 9, 2012

What I got for Christmas

Sorry for the leave of absence. Add the chaos of the holidays to being sick for three weeks and you get a lot of down time with no blogging going on. Even though it's a bit late, I wanted to share the fun things I got for Christmas. My friends and family know I only want home decor things and that is indeed what I got. The two glass vases came from Hobby Lobby from my sister-in-law. I am visualizing what I want to fill them with as a summer centerpiece. I have a MAJOR thing for glass.
I got a silver charger from Hobby Lobby to accent my ornament centerpiece. I found the candlestick at T.J. Maxx for $5. LOVE T.J. Maxx. Plus I got some SUPER soft sheets on sale from T.J. Maxx as well.
This little house is a candle. It was a gift from my Mom. I found the glass dish at Hobby Lobby to protect the wood from the heat.
I finally learned the correct pronunciation of "carafe" over the holidays (thanks Mom). I don't care how you say it I love all carafes.
On the way to church the other day. Thank heavens for later church. Yes, the tree is still up on January 9. I guess I didn't play it normal this year like I had planned. I'm going to leave it up until March this year. That's just how I roll.
This jacket is from my husband. It was a steal from J.C. Penney with the rewards I had saved up. I love the texture and the ruffled front. It's business attire with a feminine flare.

I absolutely ADORE birds. This little guy came from the bishop's wife. He is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. Thanks Barb!
Can't get enough of the jacket. It is so warm too.
My Mother-in-law got me some mixing bowls. I don't cook much so I turned them into home decor items too.
My favorite ornaments that were a pre-Christmas gift from my husband. He knows I love Pottery Barn.

I didn't get to do much holiday baking so this was my alternative for the mixing bowl. I wanted to make Fantasy Fudge as a New Year's gift to the neighbors but my plan was foiled when I went to pre-heat the oven the other night and the coil exploded and knocked the power to our whole home out. That led to a call to the Power company who quickly came out to help. Then two hours later the power to the whole town went out. I think the power company was getting tired of hearing from me. I guess I learned my lesson, and I will just stay out of the kitchen. Hope you are all enjoying the calm of the new year. :)

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  1. Cute, cute stuff. I especially love the white candle house on the glass plate. Fun idea. The whole bird-bulb bowl-candle with greenery-ensemble is very charming, though.